Courses For Students and Recently Graduated Students

You are lucky to be student at this stage of economy…

India needs between 1.5 lakh digital marketing professionals in coming year and about 5 lakh in next three years.

However are you ready to grab these opportunities ?

 A number of industry surveys report that quality of pass out graduates outcome from the colleges and universities , most of which unfortunately have weak academic systems, is below the desired quality standards. The result of this is that majority of students are not equipped with the industry desired skills. Hence such passout students even though pass their degree exams but either find difficulty getting the first job, or get job which are below their expectations and qualification. There have been cases reported by newspapers & other media where graduate/ and even postgraduate students have settled for very menial jobs and salary, because of the poor quality learning in their degree courses.

On the other hand, there is another category of students who are serious during their studies, they are studying in institute which provide quality learning,  and learn right skills are able to easily get more than one offers months before they actually graduate. Companies  are keen to offer attractive roles and salary to those students who possess quality and skills as required by these companies.  Such students grow fast in their careers building on the skills learned in their institutes, they studied in.

The difference in the two categories is the quality of learning and skills received by the student during their college period.

At DigiGYAN, we offer skill based courses that would help you build on the course that you are studying in your college/university. Our courses act as icing on your degree courses. Reason: While you may have studied concepts in your regular courses, our industry oriented courses are trainings that help you learn the industry skills which are what companies are looking for in giving you that attractive role and salary.

Who should enroll

Students doing their Graduation/Post graduation in Management, Commerce, Technology, Any Social Science stream, etc.
Anybody who has completed recently the degree/diploma course but wishes to learn industry skills for better salary, role and designation job.

Join a course at DigiGYAN, and you would prepare yourself for the corporate career. Our courses are designed in such a way that, you would be able to apply the concepts learnt in your regular degree/diploma course to the actual industry practices. Our courses are professional trainings which are designed by industry and academic professionals keeping in view the industry skill requirements and delivered by industry professionals with industry projects and under industry mentorship.

You can be assured of a high quality learning experience which would make you ready for attractive job salary, role and designation.


Courses Recommended

Depending upon your background and interests, we suggest you the following courses:

Digital Marketing Professional Diploma Course
E-Commerce & Digital Business Systems Professional Diploma Course
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Advanced Diploma Course
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advanced Diploma Course
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Advanced Diploma Course
Web Designing Advanced Diploma Course
Web Analytics Advanced Diploma Course

Key Benefits

Industry experts to train you
Earn a certificate by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) which is recognized by Industry; Assistance for Google Certification
Better Marketability in the Job market and Better salary packages/ Job profiles.
Unlimited doubt clearance during and after the course is over
100% money back guarantee!
Research based Internship
24 *7 E-learning support
100 % Placement assistance


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