Senior Management Executives

Indian industry is going the e-way just like rest of globe.  Look at the below pieces of statistics/ information as:

Over 200 Milllion Internet users with 200 million more to add in coming 3 years
Over 200 million users of mobile internet(source: IAMAI)
E-Commerce market to grow to 20 billion dollars by 2015 with CAGR of 37 percent over 2013-15.
Mobile commerce to grow at a 150% CAGR till 2016
Social media would be prominent mode of E-Commerce communication; Facebook is an example

In a industry survey by Sapient-IMR, most Chief Marketing Officers(CMOs) will give increased preference( 94 percent) to digital medium over traditional medium in their media mix (Sapient-IMR Research, 2014). All unanimously were planning to reduce the funding and human resources on traditional marketing and increase for digital medium.

The above statistics clearly point to trends towards Electronic Commerce. Companies of all kinds are being affected in radical ways.  New business models are being invented.  Vast wealth has been created by companies like Flipkart, Zomato, etc. and being accumulated by many other similar Internet companies and shareholders. Digital Commerce is going to force companies to transform their existing business models and the processes.  It would throw huge opportunities for companies and their executives in the digital commerce and operations domains.

Thus companies and their executives who have the understanding of E-Commerce and digital strategy are in position to not only survive in this digital era and also catch on this digital opportunity bandwagon. E-Commerce helps companies by way of their workers getting more effective and productive, enabling companies to keep prices low and better offerings to their customers.

Hence senior level management executives are advised to upgrade their individual and company’s skills to move into digital marketing and systems.

You would learn e-commerce and digital marketing on how to explore new customers, new markets, how to approach & attract customers, how to fulfil your customer expectations and retain their loyalty and business. Using the knowledge, you are always ahead of competition and able to grow faster in your business area.

Digital  is where the Future lies for your Company and You, along with better salary, growth and promotions for YOU.

Who Should Attend

This Digital Marketing training program is most beneficial for senior level executive who is involved with any management function including selling, marketing, technology,  operations, and other management function.
This program is useful for senior level marketing professionals to explore the digital business strategies and actions for their companies.

Programs recommended

Digital Marketing Professional Diploma Course
E-Commerce & Digital Business Systems Professional Diploma Course
Digital Marketing Professional Training
Search Engine Marketing Professional Training
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional Training
Social Media (SMO) Professional Training
Web Analytics Professional Training

Learning Outcome to the Participants

This program makes you ready to undertake E-Commerce initiatives in your company thereby creating growth opportunities in your company and your personal career.

The program trains the participant on the knowing the requirements to set-up internet and digital business model: both technology and managerial aspects for your existing or new business.
This comprehensive training program gives you thorough understanding of different mediums of digital marketing as Internet, mobile, and other mediums along with their advantages and limitations.

It gives you knowledge about different techniques of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social media Marketing like Facebook, Linkedln; Email marketing.

It helps you to identify the right digital marketing techniques and how to use to get the desired results. It also teaches to evaluate and analyze your digital marketing actions through Web analytics tools for digital marketing and take appropriate marketing strategies and action.

We also offer custom-designed Digital Marketing training programs meeting the specific requirement of the particular company. Companies / Sponsored candidates are requested to Contact us for the appropriate design and scheduling of the training program.

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